Lapis li Abyss: pubblicati nuovi screenshots e svelati dettagli sulle classi del titolo

Qualche ora fa sono emersi dei nuovi screenshots e dettagli sulle classi di Lapis li Abyss, titolo disponibile a fine anno sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi.

l’action RPG di Nippon Ichi sarà pubblicato sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch il prossimo 29 novembre 2018 al prezzo di 7,538 yen.

Lapis li Abyss è un action rpg di stampo classico, infatti sarà possibile selezionare una missione da intraprendere assieme agli otto personaggi giocabili, con oltre 100 nemici affrontabili.

Potete trovare gli screenshots e le informazioni pubblicate, in calce all’articolo.

Player Character

The eight classes of playable characters each have different weapons that they use to attack. For today’s update, we will introduce the special techniques, “Assist Order,” and “Extra Order” for four of those eight classes. The hair style, voice, and color of playable characters can be easily customized.


Run through the labyrinth with dual blades.

A close-range attacker that specializes in one-on-one combat.

  • Weapon: Dual Blades

—Assist Order: “Blood Rush”

A boisterous dance attack that fires off 10 blasts from your blades.

—Extra Order: “Blood Storm”

Fires off a large amount of blades at high speed and deal damage to the enemies they pierce.


Clean up souls with your scythe

A mid-to-long range attack specialist.

  • Weapon: Sickle

—Assist Order: “Soul Missile”

Shoots a large amount of homing bullets that damage the enemy upon explosion.

—Extra Order: “Soul Bomb”

Causes a huge explosion to a wide range, dealing damage to almost all the enemies on the screen.


An iron-walled shield that cannot be broken

A shield-based defense and counterattack specialist.

  • Weapon: Shield

—Assist Order: “Hyper Shield”

For a few seconds, a barrier field develops around you that repels attacks from enemies within a fixed range

—Extra Order: “Zone of Shield”

Generates an invincibility field even greater than the Assist Order barrier field that negates enemy attacks.


A healer of confusion and charm

Specializes in party support and enemy weakening.

  • Weapon: Pan

—Assist Order: “Dangerous Cook”

Cooks using the soup stock taken from enemies as ingredients enhanced the party’s attack power.

—Extra Order: “Meromero Fes”

Shoots out multiple heart-shaped bullets, which inflicts the enemies it hits with status ailments.


■ Other Characters

Various characters will help you along on your adventure in the world of Lapis x Labyrinth.

Exploration Kit

A magic tool that uses old world technology. You can use this Exploration Kit’s magical supply during your adventure to protect yourself from the forest’s miasma.

—To protect yourself from the miasma-filled forest, do not get rid of the Exploration Kit. After forming your party, start your adventure with the Exploration Kit at the top of the DANGO stack.

Town Chief

The town chief is trying to reignite the dungeon industry in order to bring the town back to life.


A butler who looks after the town chief.

■ Rewards System

Lapis x Labyrinth is a hack and slash title in which you proceed through the dungeon while defeating enemies in flashy style and getting coins and items. There are all sorts of rewards systems for gathering items.

Treasure Points

You will get “Treasure Points” by acquiring items during your adventure. Since the treasure you receive after clearing the stage is higher depending on how many Treasure Points you have, be sure to collect a lot.

—Treasure Points are the key to good results after clearing a stage.

Treasure Chain

Just like Treasure Points, your “Treasure Chain” increases by acquiring items. Getting damaged by an enemy will reset your Treasure Chain, but if you manage to continue to avoid being damaged, your Treasure Chain will steadily increase. Since the Treasure Points you acquire will increase the higher your Treasure Chain, Treasure Chains are essential to efficiently gathering Treasure Points.

—If you manage to proceed without taking damage from enemies, your Treasure Chain will gradually increase and your Treasure Point acquisition rate will shoot up.

Treasure Disenchantment

By clearing stages, you can obtain a “Disenchantment Key” that opens treasure chests with spells on them as a reward. The Disenchantment Key you acquire differs depending on your results, and the number of keys required depends on the treasure chest. The more Disenchantment Keys you have, the greater the amount and variety of treasure chests you can open. How you use the keys you acquire is up to you.

■ Game Systems

In addition to the rewards system that kicks in after clearing a dungeon, there are also systems that are essential to getting through a dungeon in the first place.

Fever Gift

By playing the “Fever Slot” during “Fever Mode,” you can acquire a “special effect” called a “Fever Gift.” There are 13 types of effects, which include an attack power increase, HP recovery, and more. Most effects are automatically activated once acquired, and depending on the type, there are some that only have an effect during Fever Mode.

—By collecting 100 Fever Gems, you can play the Fever Slots once and obtain a Fever Gift.

■ Base Facilities

In town, there are several facilities essential for your adventure, including the “Guild Company” where you can take on quests posted for explorers, and the “Modifications Shop” where you can strengthen weapons.

Lunch Store

Here you can buy “Bento” that have various effects on the player in the dungeon. For example, the “Wakuwaku Bento” can restore 50 percent of the player’s HP, while the “Dokkan Bento” increases attack power.

Modifications Shop

By consuming the ingredients you have gathered, you can increase the level of the “Enchantments” tied to your weapons and armor, as well as add new Enchantments. Enchantments are “special abilities” that can bestow various effects to items, with said abilities ranging from attack-based to defense-based, recovery-based, and more. The variety of Enchantments that can be added at the Modifications Shop will increase as you progress through your adventure.

—By using the “strong fur” ingredient, you can add the “Strong Attack” Enchantment, which increases the odds of a critical attack.

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