Vertical Drop Heroes HD: uno sguardo in video al titolo dai Nintendo Switch europei

Poco fa abbiamo pubblicato un video gameplay dedicato a Vertical Drop Heroes HD, disponibile questa settimana anche su Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo platform/RPG roguelike procedurale sarà pubblicato da Digerati il prossimo 4 ottobre 2018 sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

Battle your way to the bottom!

Vertical Drop Heroes is a procedural platformer RPG hybrid with roguelike elements, where your hero adventures through randomly generated stages. Armed with a variety of skills and traits, you must use your cunning and reflexes to survive the dangers of each stage, until you face the final boss and uncover the truth behind the game!

Key Features:

• Randomly generated stages with destructible terrain

• Split screen, local co-op (supports split Joy-Con play)

• Tons of skills, abilities, traits and powers to unlock

• Unique combat system encourages proper planning over quick reflexes

• Persistent upgrades allow you to carry forward progress between games

• Every enemy and boss is designed to provide challenge and variety

• Created by one-man indie studio, Nerdook, in his unique style

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