Rebel Galaxy Outlaw: il titolo annunciato è in arrivo nel 2019 su Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa è stato annunciato l’arrivo di Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, nuovo titolo disponibile prossimamente anche su Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo adventure spaziale realizzato da Double Damage Games, una sorta di prequel di Rebel Galaxy del 2015, è in arrivo nel Q1 2019 sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare l’annuncio ufficiale in calce all’articolo.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw Announced

Double Damage Games Announces Follow-up Prequel to Smash Indie Hit Rebel Galaxy

(Seattle, WA) – August 31, 2018 — Independent developer Double Damage Games today announces Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, a blue-collar space combat adventure packed with outlaws, explosions, gleefully unrealistic spaceflight, and a hell of a soundtrack. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a sort-of-prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy, this time dropping you right into the cockpit and doubling down on the roadhouse vibe of the previous game. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw features high-octane space combat, over 20 hours of subspace radio, side activities like billiards and dice poker, plenty of sketchy characters to meet, and sketchier jobs to take on. Nobody’s saving the universe around here – they’d settle for saving a couple of credits. It’s aiming to launch Q1 2019 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.

“This has got to be the most ambitious game I’ve ever worked on,” said Travis Baldree, Co-Founder of Double Damage Games. “We took what worked from the last title, and then went a little crazy. It’s got a stronger focus on story and place, a huge jump in detail, and while it still works great for folks with a HOTAS at home, I think we’ve managed to make space combat accessible and fun for everybody else in a way that nobody has managed before. We’ve got a lot more to share in the months ahead”

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is a prequel to 2015’s Rebel Galaxy, set 34 years prior in a series of star systems closer to old Earth. You’ll inhabit the role of Juno Markev, an outlaw and smuggler who went straight and settled down until events conspired to drag her back into the life. After an encounter in a shady watering hole goes bad, your ship is trashed, and you find yourself in debt to an old friend and casino owner who gives you a rustbucket and some words of advice. Packed with exciting combat, unique ships, and over twenty hours of great music, Rebel Galaxy Outlaw drops you into a retro future steeped in blue-collar Americana.

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About Double Damage Games –

Co-Founded in 2014 by Travis Baldree and Erich Schaefer, the creative minds behind Torchlight and Diablo, Double Damage Games is an independent micro-studio headquartered in Seattle. Travis and Erich were both co-founders of Runic Games, as President and Chief Creative Officer, respectively. They departed in April of 2014 to found Double Damage. Their first project, Rebel Galaxy, was released on PC and Mac in 2015 and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016. For more information, visit:

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