Human: Fall Flat, il multiplayer online è ora disponibile su Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa è stato rilasciato il trailer di lancio della modalità multiplayer di Human: Fall Flat, ora disponibile sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Dal prossimo 28 agosto 2018, tramite un update gratuito, sarà possibile accedere al multiplayer online di Human: Fall Flat, che permetterà a ben 8 giocatori di cooperare per avanzare all’interno dei vari livelli di gioco.

Potete trovare il comunicato ufficiale e il trailer pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

London, United Kingdom – August 28th – Publishing hero, Curve Digital, is proud to announce that the 8-player online multiplayer component of No Brakes Games’ acclaimed physics-based puzzler Human: Fall Flat is available now as a free update for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Debuting on Steam last October, the multiplayer mode became a monster PC hit, spurring on millions of sales. Since then, Curve Digital hired the award-winning UK developer Sumo Digital to create the console multiplayer addition to the acclaimed hit.

The update enables players to create lobbies and stumble their way through the game’s levels with up to seven other players; helplessly wobbling through the surreal environments full of physics-based puzzles. For the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles, budding Bobs can create private lobbies as well as public, inviting their friends into the bananas building world. Other updates across the consoles include at ten pin bowling lobby mini-game, new character customisation options, and a raft of quality of life UI fixes. Last but by no means least is the news that the console version are now supported with Simplified Chinese, Korean and Japanese language support.

“I can’t wait for console players to experience the chaos of Human: Fall Flat multiplayer. It’s silly, wobbly fun best experienced with pals,” said developer Tomas Sakalauskas. “Sumo Digital have done a stellar job in bringing the 8-player madness to consoles and I’m intrigued by the hairbrained solutions players cook up for my bonkers levels.”

“Human: Fall Flat is, like everything, better with friends. Everyone is laughing, shouting, helping and hindering each other at the same time,” said Cédrine Décoret, Product Manager at Curve Digital. “The multiplayer update completely changes the game, it’s like an instant injection of fun. We are so excited for console players to experience just how crazy Bob’s exploits will get when shared with others!”

Human: Fall Flat has sold more than 4 million copies across all platforms. Initially debuting on PC, Mac, and Linux in 2016, it later saw a release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In that time, the game has reached the top 5 of the Nintendo eShop in Europe, USA and Japan, rubbing shoulders with a certain other moustached handyman. Meanwhile on the PlayStation Store, the game made the December sales Top 10 in the USA, bringing a splash of slapstick comedy to the chart. Human: Fall Flat is also one of the 2018’s Top Played Games on Steam, and has been included as one of the titles in Xbox Pass’ July selection.


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