Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me: uno sguardo in video alla demo dai Nintendo Switch giapponesi

Poche ore fa è stata rilasciata la demo di Kimi no Hitomi ni Hit Me, titolo in arrivo nelle prossime settimane sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi.

Il titolo romance visual novel di Entergram sarà disponibile sull’eShop giapponese di Nintendo Switch il 23 agosto 2018, al prezzo di 4,980 yen.

Potete trovare il video pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

Akira was the only member of the classic literature club, which was in danger of disbanding. As the deadline for recruiting new members approached, the student council president Hotori approached him with a suggestion for how to save the club. She told him that he would get the full details in the club room.

When he entered the room, there were four girls there. However, they were not interested in joining his club, but rather they wanted to create their own! They had gathered there to take over the club room after the literature club folded.

Hotori suggested that he get the girls to join the literature club. Will he be able to convince them or will the club be taken over?

Precedente Child of Light 2: il titolo potrebbe essere in sviluppo per Nintendo Switch Successivo Fire Emblem Heroes: il titolo aggiornato alla versione 2.8.0, disponibile la preferenza evocazione giornaliera 8; eroi con Mina Dif.