Persona Q2: pubblicato il trailer di debutto e nuovi screenshots sul titolo dal sito ufficiale

Atlus ha recentemente aperto il sito ufficiale di Persona Q2, mostrandoci i primi screenshots ed il trailer di debutto del titolo, in arrivo su Nintendo 3DS.

Dopo l’annuncio dell’anno scorso e la sparizione dalle scene, Persona Q2 è riemerso dalle ceneri dell’inferno di Atlus, che ha ufficialmente rivelato l’uscita del titolo, in arrivo il 29 novembre 2018 sui Nintendo 3DS giapponesi.

Durante l’ultimo episodio di Persona 5: The Animation, è stata anche confermata la presenza di personaggi provenienti da Persona 3, Persona 4 e Persona 5, oltre alla protagonista femminile di Persona 3 Portable.

Potete trovare il trailer e gli screenshots pubblicati in calce all’articolo.

The Persona users are trapped in a world of movies. And a girl is the one who holds the key…?

In Mementos, the Morgana Car suddenly goes out of control!? Sucked into a mysterious space, the Phantom Thieves arrived at a mysterious town where unknown enemies wander about.

Barely managing to escape, the Phantom Thieves ended up lost in a movie theater without an exit.

And then Nagi, a black-haired, white-clothed woman they met at the movie theater, and Hikari, a downcast-looking girl, informs them that they just came out of a movie.

Labyrinth-like movie worlds. And in the movies, they encounter those who possess the same powers to guide them.

Will the Phantom Thieves be able to escape the movie theater…?

■ Characters

Form your party from a total of 28 Persona users, including characters from:

  • Persona 3
  • Persona 3 Portable
  • Persona 4
  • Persona 5

■ System

Inside Each Movie is a Mysterious Labyrinth!

Each dungeon is a movie (labyrinth) with a different theme, and each one is a unique creation. No dungeon is straightforward. Work with your team to clear each one!

Hit the Enemy’s Weak Point to Gain the Upper Hand in Battle!

Switch out Personas! Utilize various tactics!

Everyone is Here!

Must-see dialogue!

Draw Maps While Going through the Dungeon!

By drawing maps, you can clear each dungeon smoothly! There is also an auto-map feature.

Deepen the Bonds with Your Comrades to Take on Strong Enemies!

Powerful Shadows called F.O.E. wander around the dungeons.

■ Early Purchase Bonus

Early purchases will include the “Persona 34, and 5 Battle BGM Set,” which includes the following tracks:

  • Persona 3: “Mass Destruction”

  • Persona 3 Portable: “Wiping All Out”

  • Persona Q: “Light the Fire Up in the Night ‘Kagejikan’”

  • Persona 4: “Reach Out to the Truth”

  • Persona 4 Golden: “Time to Make History”

  • Persona Q: “Light the Fire Up in the Night ‘Mayonaka’”

  • Persona 5: “Last Surprise”

  • Persona 5: “Life Will Change”

  • Persona 5: “Will Power”

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