Waku Waku Sweets: Amai Okashi ga Dekiru kana? pubblicato il trailer di debutto del titolo

Poco fa è emerso il trailer di debutto di Waku Waku Sweets: Amai Okashi ga Dekiru kana?, presto disponbile sui Nintendo Switch nipponici.

Il titolo culinario di Sonic Powered, listato da Amazon Japan e Rakuten Books, arriverà in estate, probabilmente già dal prossimo 9 agosto 2018 sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi.

Potete trovare trailer pubblicato, in calce all’articolo.

A sweet shop owner—a popular career choice among girls. In Waku Waku Sweets: Amai Okashi ga Dekiru kana?, anyone can become a sweet shop owner and easily make sweets.

Take on the challenge of making various sweets, including cake, macaroons, and Japanese sweets, and play games while enjoyably learning how to make sweets.

Waku Waku Sweets: Amai Okashi ga Dekiru kana? is full of discoveries, like “I can make sweets like this!” And there are all sorts of ways to use the Switch’s unique gyro functionalities.

Outside of sweets-making, there is a lot of other content to enjoy, like changing into cute clothes, and going into town to work in shops and interact with the townspeople.


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