Splatoon 2: ora disponibile la versione 3.2.0 sui Nintendo Switch europei

Pochi minuti fa è stato rilasciato il nuovo aggiornamento per Splatoon 2, ora arrivato alla versione 3.2.0, scaricabile dai Nintendo Switch europei.

Il nuovo update porta  il titolo alla versione 3.2.0, ed andrà ad aggiungere il supporto agli amiibo di Alga e Nori, oltre a modificare i valori di alcune delle armi presenti nel gioco.

Version 3.2.0

  • Changes to amiibo
    • Splatoon 2 is now compatible with the Pearl and Marina amiibo.
    • Registering Pearl and Marina as your supporter and fulfilling certain requirements will allow you to change the on-screen appearance and sound effects for Squid Beatz 2.
  • Changes to Multiplayer
    • Specifications for some of the main weapons have been changed.
      Main Weapon Adjustment

      Neo Sploosh-o-matic

      • Expanded radius of ink coverage for shots on impact when shooting downward.
      • Increased damage dealt to the barrier around the Rainmaker by roughly 10%.
      Splattershot Jr.

      Custom Splattershot Jr.

      • Now uses a special ink tank with 10% increased ink capacity.

      Neo Splash-o-matic

      • Shooting while jumping will no longer cause shot variability.
      Aerospray MG

      Aerospray RG

      • Expanded radius of ink coverage for shots on impact when shooting downward.
      Luna Blaster

      Luna Blaster Neo

      • Decreased shot variability when shooting immediately after jumping by roughly 20%.
      L-3 Nozzlenose

      L-3 Nozzlenose D

      • Increased movement speed while shooting by roughly 11%.
      H-3 Nozzlenose

      H-3 Nozzlenose D

      • Changed the animation when all three shots fired with a single trigger pull hit their target and deal over 100.0 damage in total.
      • Expanded radius of ink coverage when shots hit walls.

      Foil Squeezer

      • Decreased time until firing by 6/60 of a second after pressing and holding ZR.
      Carbon Roller

      Carbon Roller Deco

      • Decreased ink consumption when inking the ground with the roller while moving at top speed by roughly 33%.
      Splat Roller

      Krak-On Splat Roller

      Hero Roller Replica

      • Decreased ink consumption when inking the ground with the roller while moving at top speed by roughly 33%.
      Dynamo Roller

      Gold Dynamo Roller

      • Decreased ink consumption when inking the ground with the roller while moving at top speed by roughly 33%.
      Flingza Roller

      Foil Flingza Roller

      • Decreased ink consumption when inking the ground with the roller while moving at top speed by roughly 33%.
      Classic Squiffer

      New Squiffer

      • Now able to charge in mid-air at the same speed as when on the ground.
      E-liter 4K

      Custom E-liter 4K

      • Increased damage dealt to the barrier around the Rainmaker by a fully-charged shot by roughly 15%.
      E-liter 4K Scope

      Custom E-liter 4K Scope

      • Increased damage dealt to the barrier around the Rainmaker by a fully-charged shot by roughly 15%.
      Hydra Splatling
      • Increased damage dealt by a fully-charged shot from 35.0 to 40.0, and by all other shots from 28.0 to 32.0.
      Undercover Brella

      Undercover Sorella Brella

      • After splatting an opponent or assisting a teammate in splatting an opponent, the umbrella canopy will reappear if it had been destroyed, or be restored to maximum durability if it was still functional.
      Rapid Blaster

      Rapid Blaster Deco

      • Decreased radius of damage dealt by exploding shots by roughly 6%.
      Rapid Blaster Pro

      Rapid Blaster Pro Deco

      • Decreased radius of damage dealt by exploding shots by roughly 6%.
      Ballpoint Splatling
      • Decreased charging speed when in mid-air or out of ink by roughly 33%.
      Dualie Squelchers

      Custom Dualie Squelchers

      • Increased ink consumption when shooting by roughly 20%.
    • Specifications for some of the sub weapons have been changed.
      Sub Weapon Adjustment
      Point Sensor
      • Increased initial speed by roughly 21%, and also increased throwing distance.
      • Decreased ink consumption when using a standard ink tank from 70% to 55% of ink tank capacity.
      • Decreased maximum target tracking time by 1.5 seconds.
      • Decreased damage radius when exploding by roughly 7%.
    • Specifications for some of the special weapons have been changed.
      Special Weapon Adjustment
      Tenta Missiles
      • When locked on to a single target, 10 missiles will be launched at once, and will strike the area around the target.
      • When locked on to two targets, five missiles will now be launched, and the span of time between each launch has been decreased.
      • When the gear ability Special Power Up is equipped, in addition to the its other benefits, the radius of turf inked by missiles when they land has also been increased.
      • Tenta Missiles are now able to lock on to the barrier surrounding the Rainmaker.
      • Decreased damage dealt by each missile to the Rainmaker barrier by roughly 50%.
      • Adjusted the position of the lock on indicator when targeting players, and made it easier to see how many missiles will be launched.
      • Increased radius of turf inked when landing, and decreased gaps of uninked turf.
      • Increased visibility of the mark indicating where the Inkjet user will return to after its effect ends.
      • Added a gauge to the above mark that indicates when the Inkjet user will return.
    • Points required for using specials have changed for certain main weapons.
      Main Weapon Before After
      96 Gal Deco 190 180
      Custom Blaster 180 190
      Clash Blaster 170 180
      Clash Blaster Neo 170 180
      Rapid Blaster Deco 180 190

      Hero Slosher Replica

      180 190
      Mini Splatling 180 190
      Ballpoint Splatling 190 200
      Splat Dualies

      Hero Dualie Replicas

      180 190
      Enperry Splat Dualies 190 200
      Dualie Squelchers 180 190
      Custom Dualie Squelchers 190 200
      Dark Tetra Dualies 170 190
    • Fixed an issue causing players to clip into unintended locations when super jumping to an ally who themselves were mid-super jump while experiencing severe network lag.
    • Fixed an issue preventing splash damage from properly being dealt by shots from an Explosher when they hit a Splash Wall or the Rainmaker barrier and the portion of the stage the wall or barrier is connected to.
    • Fixed an issue causing the Ink Mine explosion indicator to appear in the wrong position when multiple Ink Mines have been placed and a new Ink Mine is placed immediately after one of them explodes.
    • Fixed an issue preventing splash damage from bombs and other weapons from being properly dealt to Splash Walls placed on sloped surfaces when the damage is dealt from downhill of the Splash Wall and also hits the portion of the stage the wall is connected to.
    • Fixed an issue causing players using the Splashdown special in specific locations to appear to other players to be floating in empty space outside the stage when they are actually still within the stage.
    • Fixed an issue causing shots fired when using the Inkjet special to explode immediately when firing with a stage object behind you if the object is at a certain angle.
    • Fixed an issue causing the indicator showing the location a player will return to after using the Inkjet special to briefly not display when the network connection is poor.
    • Fixed an issue allowing players to jump slightly further when using a Baller special than when performing a standard jump.
    • Fixed an issue preventing bombs from dealing maximum damage on a direct hit to bubbles created by the Bubble Blower once the bubbles reached a certain size.
    • Fixed an issue in Rainmaker causing the Rainmaker’s aiming reticle not to appear in the correct location when targeting an opponent’s Brella, Splash Wall, or spawn point barrier.
    • Fixed an issue in Clam Blitz causing the match to very rarely end suddenly when, during overtime, the losing team successfully threw a Power Clam at the opponent’s goal.
  • Changes to Ranked Battle
    • In Ranked Battle, after eight players assemble in a lobby, they are split into teams by taking weapon characteristics into account. After reviewing these characteristics, players will be classified by a greater number of characteristics.
    • ” Fixed an issue causing Clam Blitz rank to incorrectly display as S+9 on the screen displaying Rank X positions for the previous month when a player has attained Rank X in any mode other than Clam Blitz and also has a Clam Blitz rank of between S+0 and S+8.
    • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect calculation period to display on the screen displaying Rank X positions for the previous month.
  • Changes to Salmon Run
    • On Marooner’s Bay, the following adjustments have been made during Goldie events:
      • Number of Gushers has been decreased by one.
      • Goldie movement pattern has been changed.
    • The following adjustments have been made during Mothership events:
      • Chinooks will now appear more frequently.
      • Decreased time in which coolers break by themselves.
      • Decreased the maximum number of mini Salmonids that can appear in the stage at the same time.
    • The following adjustments have been made during fog events:
      • The number of Golden Eggs that appears after defeating a Goldie will now either be one, five, or 10, selected at random.
    • Two new weapon types are now available when playing Salmon Run at the Shoal.
    • Made an issue, in which Maws would appear to not be attacking on the screens of some players, though it was attacking on another player’s screen, less likely to occur.
    • Fixed an issue causing a Goldie to disappear from a certain player’s screen while still visible to other players, during Goldie events.
    • Fixed an issue causing Chinooks to mistakenly drop coolers outside the stage during Mothership events.
    • Fixed an issue causing coolers to remain in the stage after the start of the next wave following a Mothership event.
    • Fixed an issue in Marooner’s Bay causing players not to drown when the water level returns to normal height if they were standing on the location the egg basket appears during a low tide.
  • Changes to the Octo Expansion
    • Fixed an issue occurring when breaking stacked crates with the Baller causing the player to enter into the crate dropping down from above.
    • Fixed an issue in Whack-Fu Station preventing game progress if certain actions were performed in the right order.
    • Fixed an issue in Drop the Bass Station causing players to mistakenly clip into the stage geometry.
    • Fixed an issue preventing game progress if a player failed a challenge at the same time they recovered their armor or picked up new armor.
    • Fixed an issue occurring in a stage near the end of the expansion causing a specific cut scene to not play correctly when replaying the stage after clearing it.
    • Fixed an issue in a cut scene near the end of the expansion causing a character’s outfit to glow more than originally intended.
  • Other Changes
    • When pressing B to return to Inkopolis Square from Grizzco Industries, players will appear near the Grizzco entrance.
    • Fixed an issue occurring during Splatfests causing players you had battled with recently not to appear in Inkopolis Square.
    • Fixed an issue causing the “hair” of Octoling Boy characters to stick out in unintended ways when the Samurai Helmet was equipped, depending on the hairstyle.

Splatta dove, quando e con chi vuoi in Splatoon 2, solo su Nintendo Switch. Le tradizionali mischie mollusche quattro contro quattro fanno il loro ritorno in questo secondo capitolo della serie, insieme a nuovi livelli, nuovi stili, nuove armi e molto altro!

Nelle mischie mollusche l’obiettivo è semplice: controllare più territorio possibile imbrattandolo con l’inchiostro della propria squadra. La squadra che controlla più territorio vince la partita! Trasformati in un calamaro per nuotare nell’inchiostro della tua squadra. Usa questi talenti per scalare pareti ricoperte d’inchiostro della tua squadra e raggiungere punti sopraelevati, ottimi per tendere imboscate agli ignari avversari.


Nuove armi

Il nuovo repolper duplo si aggiunge all’arsenale a tua disposizione, insieme a una nuova mossa che ti permette di schivare gli attacchi avversari. Anche capisaldi come il rullo splat e lo splatter a carica fanno il loro ritorno, con una forma leggermente diversa, accompagnati da nuove armi speciali.

Preview Image
Preview Image
Preview Image
Preview Image

Nuova modalità: Salmon Run

Coopera con fino a tre altri giocatori per sconfiggere ondate di Salmonoidi e raccogliere le uova preziose che si lasciano dietro in questa nuova modalità.

Multiplayer locale* e online**.

Per la prima volta, puoi partecipare a mischie mollusche in multiplayer locale, in tutte e tre le modalità di gioco supportate da Nintendo Switch: portatile, da tavolo e TV. Fino a 10 console Nintendo Switch possono collegarsi tra loro tramite connessione LAN quando sono inserite nella loro base, permettendo a otto giocatori e due spettatori di creare tornei in locale senza bisogno di una connessione a Internet. Fanno il loro ritorno anche le battaglie online.


Modalità per singolo giocatore

Una delle famose Sea Sirens, Stella, è scomparsa e Marina ti ha incaricato di ritrovarla! Usa armi diverse, come il rullo, il secchiostro, lo splatling e il nuovo repolper duplo per superare ostacoli, sconfiggere nemici e abbattere boss enormi!

Nuovi modi di giocare

Gioca sulla TV, in modalità portatile o in modalità da tavolo usando i Joy-Con o il Nintendo Switch Pro Contoller (venduto separatamente) usando i sensori di movimento per mirare accuratamente!

Nuove mode

Sono passati due anni nel mondo di Splatoon e tante cose sono cambiate. Troverai alcuni personaggi familiari e diverse facce nuove.

Preview Image
Preview Image
Preview Image
Preview Image

Nuovi livelli

Splatoon 2 include livelli tutti nuovi, come il Tintodromo Montecarpa e il Centro polpisportivo.

Preview Image
Preview Image
Preview Image

Nuovi aggiornamenti

Dopo il lancio arriveranno degli aggiornamenti, con nuovi livelli, stili e armi, proprio come accaduto con il primo gioco.

Supporto ai dispositivi smart

Un’applicazione per dispositivi smart per la console Nintendo Switch migliorerà il matchmaking e permetterà di usare la chat vocale.

*Per giocare in multiplayer locale, ogni giocatore deve disporre di una console e di una copia del gioco.

**Il gioco online richiede una connessione a Internet. È necessario registrare e collegare un account Nintendo e accettare l’Accordo per l’account Nintendo e la Policy sulla Privacy. Per usufruire dei servizi online è necessario un account Nintendo. A partire da questo autunno, per usufruire di alcuni servizi online sarà necessario un abbonamento a pagamento. Alcuni servizi online potrebbero non essere disponibili in tutti i paesi. Scopri di più sull’abbonamento a pagamento.



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