BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, il titolo aggiornato alla versione 1.1.1 sui Nintendo Switch europei


Qualche ora fa è stato pubblicato un nuovo aggiornamento per BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle, ora scaricabile dai Nintendo Switch europei.

L’aggiornamento in questione, che porta BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle alla versione 1.1.1, risolvendo i problemi riscontrati con alcuni dei personaggi presenti nel roster del gioco.

Il fighter game 2D della serie di Blazblue realizzato da Arc System Works, presenterà diversi personaggi veterani della serie, con un totale di 20 combattenti, è stato pubblicato lo scorso 22 giugno 2018 sull’eShop europeo di Nintendo Switch, al prezzo di €39,99.

Potete trovare il changelog ufficiale, in calce all’articolo.

Torrance, California – June 27, 2018 – Arc System Works America, Inc. is happy to announce the immediate release of the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Version 1.11 patch for the PlayStation 4. The details of the patch are outlined below:


– System Fix

Fixed behavior of lock-on skills when they hit during certain partner skills.

– BlazBlue Character Fixes

“Valkyrie Veil” has been changed and categorized as a body attack to better match the move.

Fixed an issue where using “Sword Iris” within certain frames after using it near the lightning rod would cause the hit box to linger.

Platinum the Trinity
Fixed an issue where using “Magical Frying Pan” with “⇐ + Partner Assist” would register 2 hitboxes.

Fixed an issue where “Lightning Arrow” may activate without the proper inputs.

– Persona Fixes

The following attacks have been fixed so that the Personas face towards the opponent.

A > A > A

B > B

B > B > B

B > B

B > B


A > A

A > A > A

– Persona Character Fixes

Fixed an issue where Yosuke’s red health gauge would deplete when Reversal Action hits.

Fixed an issue where you can Cross Burst in certain instances when “Gotcha!” hits.

Adjusted Naoto’s “⇒ + Partner Assist” and “⇐ + Partner Assist” initial hit value to match the other characters.

– UNIEL Character Fixes

“Crouch – C” has been changed and categorized as a leg attack to better match the move.

“Soul Vanish” has been changed and categorized as a body attack to better match the move.

Fixed the float value for all characters when hit with “B – Assimilation.”

Fixed an issue where you can Cross Burst in certain instances when “EX – Assimilation” hits.

Adjusted the start-up value for “Distortion Skill – Duo” to match the other characters.

Adjusted the recovery frames for “Clash Assault” to match the other characters.

– RWBY Character Fixes

Fixed an issue where her “Clash Assault” would continue its counter-hit state.

Fixed an issue where you can Cross Burst in certain instances when her ground throw hits.

“White Night” has been changed and categorized as a projectile attack to better match the move.

Adjusted “Empowered Ferocious Beast” so that you can connect easier into Distortion Skill – Duo when it hits.

Fixed an issue where, under certain conditions, her invincible frames continued until her aerial Reversal Action ends.

– General Fixes

Avatars of players you battled before will now appear at the Entrance.

Minor bugged graphic fixes.

– In regards to the battle replay data after the update: Please note that the update will disable all replay data from the older version. We are sorry for the inconvenience.


We apologize for the inconvenience on these matters.

We thank you for your understanding and support.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle features a dream-team roster of characters that have never before been gathered in a single 2D fighting game. Featuring fighters pulled from the BlazBluePersona 4 ArenaUNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH EXE: LATE, and the RWBYuniverses, Cross Tag Battle‘s 2v2 tag based combat is perfect for fans of the genre.

About Arc System Works
Arc System Works is a developer and fighting game specialist from Japan—best known for the Guilty Gear series of games and, more recently, the BlazBlue series—that has garnered international critical acclaim for its innovative fighting system and spectacular 2D artwork. For more information, please visit the official website at www.arcsystemworksu.comAll other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

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