Ghost Parade: il titolo è attualmente in sviluppo per Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa durante l’Anime Expo, Aksys Games ha rivelato l’arrivo di Ghost Parade, attualmente in sviluppo e in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo side-scrolling adventure game 2D realizzato dallo sviluppatore indonesiano Lentera, sarà pubblicato nel corso del 2019 anche sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare informazioni in merito al titolo, in calce all’articolo.

About the Game

Ghost Parade is an adventure game with unique gameplay and updatable stories. Surrounded by a beautiful, magical, and mythical atmosphere, it tells the story of a girl named Suri, who got lost in a forest and is trying to get back home.

Along the way, she brefriends many mythical ghosts inside the forest to guide her. In return, the ghosts need Suri to help them take back the forest from the humans destroying it.

Key Features

  • Steam API cloud svaing, achievements, trading cards, and leaderboards
  • Many playable ghosts and every ghost has their own unique abilities
  • Combo skills
  • Crafting items
  • Charming 2D art style infused with cultural elements
  • Interesting storyline
  • Updatable episodes


  • Single-player 2D side-scrolling adventure game
  • Form a party of ghosts to help defeat the bad guys, each with different abilities both passive and active
  • With the right combination of ghosts, the player can create a combo attack
  • Unique bosses in every episode
  • Item crafting
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