Semblance: il titolo è in arrivo il 24 luglio sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Qualche ora fa è stata comunicata la data di uscita di Semblance, titolo in arrivo a fine luglio sui Nintendo Swich europei.

Il titolo platform dello sviluppatore sudafricano Nyamakop sarà pubblicato da Good Shepherd Entertainment sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch, il prossimo 24 luglio 2018.


Semblance is an innovative platformer with deformable terrain, set in a beautiful minimalist world. It’s a game that asks, what if you could deform and reshape the world itself? Semblance takes the idea of a ‘platform’ in a platformer and turns it on its head. What if platforms were actually part of the gameplay, part of the way you solved problems?

Explore a world where the default is soft, where the property of ‘hardness’ doesn’t exist. Each of the game’s three worlds explore a new consequence of a planet that can shift, change and deform. Beat back the strange, crystalline infection of hard material by freeing the world’s life essences and uncover the dark cause for its appearance

  • Unique and innovative deforming platform gameplay:
    Can’t reach a collectible? Just deform and elevate a piece of the ground so that the point you jump from is higher. Nasty spikes in the way? Just deform and push-down the ground lower so that you can pass by. Squish, bounce, squash and transform the world- and yourself to solve problems.
  • Beautiful Minimalist Aesthetic Design:
    Explore 3 worlds bursting with colorful minimalist charm, quirky critters, and calming vistas. Become hypnotized by each world’s dynamically layered score, each with a hint of African aural distinction.
  • Explore non-linearly
    The game allows you to move between puzzles as you wish, never forcing you to find a solution in order to progress and enabling you to come back later. Similarly, the game’s narrative is presented expansively, allowing you to explore- and piece together the story for yourself as you roam the game.
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