The Lost Child: pubblicato il nuovo trailer “That’s just the way I am.”

NIS America ha pubblicato il trailer “That’s just the way I am.” su The Lost Child, titolo disponibile nel corso dell’estate sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo realizzato da Sawaki Takeyasu, director di El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, arriverà grazie a NIS America, il prossimo 22 giugno 2018 sui Nintendo Switch europei, mentre gli amici americani potranno mettere le mani sul titolo dal 19 giugno 2018.

Potete trovare il trailer pubblicato, in calce all’articolo.

A cataclysmic war is brewing in The Lost Child, and it’s up to the Chosen One to save humanity! Play as Hayato Ibuki and explore the Layers between our world and the realm of the supernatural, find clues to solve strange murder mysteries, and capture demons and fallen angels to join your cause!

In our brand-new Gameplay Trailer, learn more about the dungeons, demons, and characters you’ll meet along your journey. The Lost Child arrives on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS Vita (digital) this June!

The Lost Child Launches on
June 19, 2018 in North America!

The war of gods and demons descends on June 19, 2018 in North America and June 22, 2018 in Europe! The Lost Child will arrive on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PS Vita (digital) this summer.

When occult journalist Hayato Ibuki gets caught between a war of cataclysmic proportions, he must capture mythological and arcane creatures known as Astrals to fight alongside him to solve the mystery of the mystical device bestowed onto him by a strange girl. Fight through massive dungeons called Layers and decide the fate of the world…

About the game:

Hayato Ibuki, a journalist for an occult magazine, was investingating the mysterious suicides that were taking place in Shinjuku station. During his investigation, a black shadow pushes Hayato onto the tracks. A beautiful, mysterious girl, Balucia, saves Hayato at the last moment and gives him a large case… And thus, Hayato’s new life begins.

Inside the case is the demon gun, Gangour, which is a tool that can capture and use demons. Hayato uses its power to turn demons into allies.

With the Gangour in hand, and accompanied by the self-proclaimed angel Lua; the supposed chosen one, Hayato, travels all over the country to investigate mysteries and search for that beautiful mystery woman. And while he’s at it, he gets caught between the ambitions of the dark rulers and the expectations of the angels…

Key Features:
– Mythology Unbound – Features 100+ Astrals from myths and legends to capture, each with 3 unique forms to progress through!
– Spread the Wealth of Knowledge – There are more than 250+ skills to learn among your party of captured Astrals.
– The Infinite Abyss Awaits – Test yourself against massive dungeons with up to 100 floors of deathly dangers!

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