Wizard’s Symphony: pubblicate nuove informazioni e screenshots sul titolo

Qualche ora fa sono emerse le prime informazioni e screenshots su Wizard’s Symphony, in arrivo nei prossimi mesi su Nintendo Switch in Giappone.

Infatti nell’ultimo livestream di  Arc System Works, è stato rivelato Wizard’s Symphony, un titolo dungeon RPG ambientato nello stesso universo di Wizard’s Harmony, vecchia serie del 1995 presente su SEGA Saturn e PS1, caratterizzata da elementi adventure e simulativi.

Potete trovare le informazioni e gli screenshots sul titolo, in calce all’articolo.


Wizard’s Sympony is set 20 years after the events of Wizard’s Harmony.

A traditional fantasy spun by new adventurers in a world of swords and magic.

A world where swords and magic have developed more than science—.

In this world, the increase in adventurers shows no signs of stopping, and trade dealing with adventurers has unexpectedly caused a bubble economy.

The protagonist, a young man named Alto, is a “Historic Ruins Tour Guide”—or “Conductor” for short—which is one of the occupations born from that bubble.

Set in the city of “Kazan,” where traces of the magical kingdom Glasoska thought to have been destroyed in a single night 1,000 years ago remain, Alto and company’s adventure is about to begin—.

■ Character Design

Character design for Wizard’s Symphony is being handled by Moo, who took the world by storm as the illustrator of Wizard’s Harmony.

■ Characters

Alto Traverse

  • Job: Conductor
  • Race: Human
  • Voiced by: Kengo Kawanishi

A young man who works as a “Conductor,” a job that guides tourists around dangerous ruins. One day, as a substitute for the company president that suddenly disappeared, he takes on the role of acting leader of the Conductor company “M Tours,” and works hard with his colleagues each day.

Spika Celeste

  • Job: Defender
  • Race: Human
  • Voiced by: Hisako Tojo

A girl who works with Alto. She has a bright and optimistic personality, and sometimes does unexpected things. She is the defender of the party, who specializes in luring attacks and protecting allies.


  • Job: Unknown
  • Race: Unknown
  • Voiced by: Masumi Tazawa

An amnesiac girl who was asleep in the ruins. She seems to call Alto her master…? She has a calm personality, but has a two-sidedness in that she can also be rude. She is highly skilled in battle and fights with a unique attack style different from magic.

Merak Yildiz

  • Job: Wizard
  • Race: Human
  • Voiced by: Takeyuki Shimada

A young man who works with Alto. He has a gentle and intellectual personality, and fills a calming role among his eager allies. In battle, he is an attacker who uses attack magic.

■ Game Overview

A Dungeon RPG that Utilizes Character Traits

Wizard’s Symphony is a dungeon RPG in which players form a party based on the battle situation and progress through dungeons. Battles proceed in a turn-based command-style, where players choose character actions such as using magic and items. During dungeon exploration, characters may also have various conversations with each other depending on the situation.



Fully Voiced Dramatic-Story

The story is a traditional fantasy story of swords and magic that plays out both comically and seriously via a cast of unique characters. The story is also fully voiced, and there are plenty of event illustrations drawn by Moo.


In town, players can accept quests and purchase items.

The Series’ Familiar “Affinity” System Returns

The familiar “Affinity” system from Wizard’s Harmony will return in Wizard’s Symphony. The current status of the constantly changing “Character Affinity” will also have an influence on battles. Also, each character has a “Unique Skill,” and how you develop which characters will play a major role in the overall difficulty of clearing a dungeon.

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