Kenshō: il titolo annunciato per l’arrivo in primavera sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Pochi minuti fa è emerso l’arrivo di un nuovo titolo indipendente, Kenshō, disponibile nei prossimi mesi sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo puzzle game di FIFTYTWO, sarà pubblicato da Jetdogs Oy nel corso della primavera sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete trovare il comunicato ufficiale in calce all’articolo.

Award-winning Puzzle Game Kenshō to Come to Nintendo Switch This Spring

Helsinki, FinlandApril 9, 2018 Game developers FIFTYTWO and their partners Jetdogs Oy officially announce the release of a new, yet already successful mobile game Kenshō for the Nintendo Switch. Players will only need to have the game console to enjoy the game’s amazing, stunning visual effects, solve tricky puzzles and restore the balance of nature whenever and wherever they are.

Although it was first released last year (2017), Kenshō received recognition as well as numerous nominations and awards in a short period of time, quickly gaining broad acceptance and popularity from both professionals and thousands of gamers. And there are good reasons for this! The animated graphics in Kenshō allure and charm at first glance, with their fascinating play of light and shadow, colors that change depending on the state of nature, and flowing lines and transitions of light: all this magical beauty makes gamers forget they are playing a simple 2D game by immersing them in a truly rich visual experience.

The name of the game refers to two terms from the Japanese philosophical concept, Zen: “Ken,” which means “seeing,” and “shō,” which means “nature.” It is shō, nature—its pricelessness, beauty and fragility—that is at the heart of the game, which takes place in a surreal room. Doors inside that room lead to different worlds and breathtaking environments, including lush jungles and stormy seas. The game of Kenshō tells its story through ingame cutscenes and emoji-style conversations that are fun to watch.

Kenshō’s Key Features:

·  Rich visual experience

·  Unique color-matching puzzle gameplay

·  Physical environment and weather conditions

·  Emoji-style fascinating storyline

·  11 original songs created by Oscar Rydelius to build a unique Kenshō atmosphere

Kenshō Links

Watch the video trailer:

Download the assets pack here:


FIFTYTWO, independent game development company founded on December 17, 2012. Its first title, “JELLIES,” was released in the App Store on June 26, 2014, and received “Best of June” and “App of the Week” awards from Apple. Released on September, 17, 2017, Kenshō received several awards, including nomination as a Top 10 finalist at the Google Play Indie Games Contest.

Official website:

About Jetdogs Oy

The Nintendo Switch version of the game Kenshō will be published with the active support and assistance of JetDogs Oy, an experienced independent game studio based in Helsinki (Finland) that is well-known to computer game fans from its recent games “12 Labours of Hercules” and “Alicia Quatermain,” as well as its previous games “Frankenstein: Master of Death,” “Dracula’s Legacy,” “Sinister City,” among others.

Official website:

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