Splatoon 2: mostrato un riepilogo delle informazioni e screenshots sulla Octo Expansion

Nintendo ha recentemente pubblicato un riepilogo di informazioni in merito alla Octo Expansion di Splatoon 2, in arrivo in estate su Nintendo Switch.

Tramite l’account Tumblr ufficiale del titolo, viene ribadito ciò che attualmente si conosce sull’espansione di Splatoon 2, oltre a screenshots dedicati.

Come rivelato infatti, l’espansione si svolgerà all’interno di 80 centri di ricerca (stage) in un vasto mondo sotterraneo, dove sarà anche possibile avere un supporto di Alga e Nori.

Questo aiuto riguarderà la possibilità di saltare alcune missioni/stage per avanzare nella trama, anche se non è chiaro se si tratti di un’opzione di gioco limitata, o se sarà possibile farlo in ogni momento della campagna.


Come ipotizzato già dallo sguardo nei video del Nintendo Direct, non saranno presenti alcune differenze di gameplay, tra la campagna single player degli Inkling, e quella delle Octolings.

La nuova espansione che introdurrà le richiestissime Octolings, in arrivo nel corso dell’estate su Splatoon 2 per Nintendo Switch, vi metterà nei panni di Numero 8, un personaggio che ha l’aspetto di un Octoling, che si risveglia in una buia stazione della metropolitana, senza alcun ricordo.

L’Octo Expansion è già pre-scaricabile dal suo annuncio, tramite il Nintendo eShop europeo di Switch, al prezzo di €19,99. Potete trovare il post completo in calce all’articolo.


The story of Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion unfolds in a huge test facility deep underground. Who made this facility and for what purpose is veiled in mystery. The area is completely isolated from the outside world, as if time stopped long ago. Objects from the old world drift here and there, like relics of a bygone past.

The protagonist in Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion is No. 10,008, aka Agent 8. Agent 8 has lost its memory—it doesn’t remember who it is or how it ended up underground. While it seems that most Octarians are pure evil, it appears this one has had its very nature changed somehow by having heard the Squid Sisters’ Calamari Inkantation. It’s up to you to help this lost Octoling escape from this mysterious subterranean world.

Are Pearl, a.k.a. MC.Princess, and Marina, a.k.a DJ_Hyperfresh, aiding the Octolings? Rumor has it they’ll help Agent 8 escape from the underground via wireless connection from above. We’ve also heard that the untold story of how ‘Off the Hook’ was formed may also be revealed…

Agent 8 will face over 80 tough tests on the journey out of the underground. With a little help from ‘Off the Hook’ though, Agent 8 will be able to skip the tests that are just too difficult. And don’t worry, even if you skip some tests you’ll still be able to play as an Octoling once you escape the underground.

Octolings in Inkopolis Plaza? This is highly irregular! It looks like they’ll be joining in on Regular and Ranked Battles, and they’ll have the same stats and abilities as an Inkling. Because of their similar sizes, they’ll also be able to wear the same gear as well.

Once you’ve helped Agent 8 reach the surface and completed the Octo Expansion, you’ll unlock the ability to play as one of these tentacled terrors.

This is Cap’n Cuttlefish, leader of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, which secretly protects the world of Inklings from Octarian forces. He looks very old, but won fame as a brave fighter. Along with his apprentice Agent 3, he’s been out on patrol. Unfortunately, it looks like he somehow strayed into this underground world and lost track of Agent 3 as well.

In order to move around the underground world, a subway system called Deepsea Metro is essential. The ecosystem of the underground seems to have developed uniquely within its closed environment. Therefore, passengers you can see in the subway look quite different from residents above ground. And while they look a bit grim, it seems they’re not bad guys.

This is one of the stations where Deepsea Metro stops. Each station is directly connected to a respective test facility in which various tests await Agent 8. Each station will offer a unique test; for example, there appears to be a test in which you must clear an area only using special weapons.

This is C.Q. Cumber, a humble sea cucumber who works as a subway conductor and guide to the underground test facility. Despite his mysterious looks, this diminutive dude is a total pro and takes his job quite seriously. Whenever you’re in trouble, try talking to him.

This is the Telephone. It provides Agent 8 with a CQ-80 device and CQ Card, essential items for exploring the underground world. The phone speaks as if it knows a lot of things…

The CQ-80 is an essential tool for exploring the underground test facility. When aboard a Deepsea Metro subway train, you can use the CQ-80 to view the subway map. Choose a station on the map, and the train will take you there.

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