Runbow e Pirate Pop Plus: i due titoli sono in arrivo ad aprile sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch

Qualche istante fa è stato comunicato l’arrivo di due vecchie conoscenze indie, ovvero Runbow e Pirate Pop Plus, in arrivo ad aprile sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

L’ex esclusiva Wii U eShop di 13 AM Games, verrà infatti pubblicata il prossimo 24 aprile 2018 sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch, con una versione retail (Deluxe Edition), in arrivo il prossimo 14 giugno 2018.

Pirate Pop Plus, il titolo indie di Dadako Studios, sarà invece pubblicato nel corso del mese di aprile sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch, con probabilmente solo release in formato digitale.

Potete trovare l’annuncio nel comunicato ufficiale, in calce all’articolo.

Get ready to Runbow! Heading for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4!

Either digitally on April 24 or wait for the retail “Deluxe Edition”, coming June 14, with nice swag included.

Independent video game developer 13AM  Games and your friendly neighborhood publisher Headup Games announce the colorful racing chaos of award-winning party game Runbow is coming to PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch worldwide on April 24 digitally.

The game will also be hitting retail a bit later on June 14 as a “Deluxe Edition” including all DLCs and nice physical goodies to be announced at a later stage because… well, just to make it more interesting.

Runbow features an eye-catching color mechanic that has racers brawl amongst each other while objects and platforms appear or disappear based on the continually changing background color. All multiplayer modes can be played by up to 9 players simultaneously online, while it features 8-player local multiplayer madness on Nintendo Switch as well as 4 player local chaos on PlayStation™4. Besides that, the game features a bevy of content in its single-player modes that will test the skills and minds of any seasoned platformer.

 But wait! There’s more! 13AM  Games and Dadako are bringing the delightfully retro Pirate Pop Plus to Nintendo Switch so you can decorate your virtual Pocket Game on the go! Featuring a host of chiptune music, customization options, and addictive arcade action, Pirate Pop Plus is the perfect portable popping pastime! => Artwork

Oh, and one more thing… We’re receiving a strange signal from another dimension! It appears that 13AM Games and Graffiti Games have delivered this cryptic image… What could it mean?

After initially launching on Wii U, Runbow quickly rose through the ranks to become a highly-ranked Wii U game, and garnered overwhelming praise from both media and players. In addition to frantic, humorous gameplay of its own, Runbow features 19 guest characters from some of the biggest indie titles, including Guacamelee!Shovel Knight and Steamworld Dig.

Runbow was a must-have on the Wii U and we think it will also become a favorite among PlayStation™ gamers,” said Alex Rushdy, Co-Founder of 13AM Games. “Thanks to Headup Games we’re able to bring Runbow’s hilarious brawling and racing action to the PlayStation™4, where players can tackle challenges on their own or against friends and others worldwide via local and online multiplayer.”

In Runbow players can sprint against each other in classic “Run” mode, battle to the death in “Arena,” or try a colorful take on the multiplayer classic “King of the Hill.” In addition to these, the game features more than 140 levels in “Adventure,” and “Bowhemoth,” a single, uninterrupted platforming challenge that will test even the best platform gamers.

About Runbow

Runbow, and all its multiplayer madness, is coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation®4! The world of Runbow changes with each swipe of the background, so you’ll have to stay on your toes as platforms and obstacles disappear – If you can’t see something, it doesn’t exist. Fast, frantic, and fun for up to nine players, Runbow is filled with tons of modes and content to keep you running back for more.


  • Go head to head with your friends, locally or online, in Run, Arena, or King of the Hill, for a colourful, crazy competition. Host a Private Game for you or your friends, or hop into an Open Party and take on the world!
  • Tons of costumes and indie guest characters are waiting for you to unlock, including Shovel Knight, CommanderVideo, Shantae, Lilac, and many more.
  • Save Poster District from the evil Satura in Adventure, and choose your own path through a massive map of over 140 single player levels.
  • Take on The Bowhemoth, a single, ultra-difficult challenge in the belly of a colossal beast. On your own or with friends, it’s sure to test the skills of even the toughest platforming veterans.
  • Hundreds of pieces of unlockable Gallery content await you, from concept art to characters, and even some hidden secrets…

With nine-player online madness of with up to eight players locally and nine players online, five game modes, 19 guest characters, hundreds of levels, and tons of more content all in one unforgettable colorful game, this is the crazy, colour-based platformer you’ve been waiting for! Get ready to Runbow !
For more information please visit Runbow’s official website.

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