Valkyria Chronicles 4: pubblicato un nuovo trailer giapponese sul Centurion

SEGA ha pubblicato un trailer dedicato al Centurion presente in Valkyria Chronicles 4, titolo in arrivo nei prossimi mesi sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Il titolo RPG strategico edito da SEGA, sarà disponibile nei prossimi mesi anche sui Nintendo Switch europei ed americani, e verrà pubblicato il 21 marzo 2018 su quelli giapponesi.

Potete osservare il trailer pubblicato in calce all’articolo.

Built in secret, the Edinburgh Navy constructed cruisers for use in battle. Three warships of the same model were built, and the Centurion, which Claude and the others embark on, is the second of the three. It can presumably move through fields of ice, and is equipped with a huge ram for breaking ice at the warship’s head. At over 230 meters in length, the Centurion is like a tank riding on ice as if striding across a stretched out crevasse. This giant warship’s ability to travel on land is thanks to technology given to Edinburgh by the United States of Vinland. Those details are country-level top secret.

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