Owlboy: il titolo verrà pubblicato il 29 maggio anche in formato retail su Nintendo Switch

SOEDESCO ha recentemente rivelato l’arrivo di una versione retail di Owlboy, disponibile dal prossimo 29 maggio 2018 sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Ricordiamo che platform/adventure game di D-Pad Studio, verrà pubblicato in formato digitale sull’eShop americano e europeo di Nintendo Switch, il prossimo 13 febbraio 2018.

Potete trovare il trailer dell’annuncio in calce all’articolo.

Hit adventure game Owlboy soaring towards stores at May 29th

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – February 7, 2018 – SOEDESCO is proud to announce that renowned indie adventure platformer Owlboy is soaring towards store shelves. The boxed version of Owlboy becomes available for PlayStation®4 and Nintendo Switch from the 29th of May.

Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/zmtXJjw_1CQ
Download the press assets here: http://ow.ly/FBGy30gdojS

Hans van Brakel, Executive Manager at SOEDESCO: “We’ve had to keep quiet about this for some time, but now I can finally announce our first physical Switch game! Owlboy is a really great title to start off our Switch line-up with, but we’ve certainly got more coming up.

Award-winning adventure game
Ten years of development by D-Pad Studio have resulted in a visually stunning 2D adventure that is immensely appreciated by critics and consumers far and wide. Owlboy has already won the Destructoid Editor’s Choice Award, scoring a perfect 10/10. It’s been featured in Time magazine’s top 15 games of the year 2016 and scored an average Metacritic press rating of 8.8. The Telegraph gives Owlboy a score of 5/5 , stating that the game has ‘’raised the bar sky high’’.

Owlboy: a moving story
Owlboy tells the touching story of owl misfit Otus, a feathery little fellow struggling to live the owl life. Fate strikes when Otus’ beautiful homeland is invaded by a horde of malicious sky pirates. Otus embarks on a fascinating journey through seemingly endless skies and mysterious, monster infested ruins. He must recruit his friends to employ their special puzzling- and combat skills, fight his foes and fly his way to safety.


  • Heartfelt, intriguing story about the adventurous journey of an underdog owl.
  • Detailed, colorful and beautifully vibrant pixel art style.
  • Switch between Otus’ friends at any time to employ their unique abilities
  • Tremendous variety in surroundings and enemies.
  • Explore massive dungeons and face epic boss battles.
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