Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition, la versione retail conterrà anche i contenuti esclusivi della Campagna su Kickstarter

Qualche ora fa Wayforward ha rivelato altri contenuti presenti all’interno della versione retail di Shantae: Half-Genie Hero,  in arrivo anche su Nintendo Switch.

La Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition verrà pubblicata sui Nintendo Switch europei da PQube, grazie all’accordo con Wayforward, ed è in arrivo nel corso della primavera 2018.


La versione retail includerà il gioco originale, ma anche il DLC “Pirate Queen’s Quest” di Risky Boots, pubblicato recentemente nella versione digitale, oltre all’imminente Friends To The End e il DLC Costumes Mode.

Non solo, infatti saranno disponibili anche i costumi del Costume Pack, ovvero delle versioni di Shantae riservati finora solamente ai sostenitori della campagna Kickstarter del gioco.

Ultimate Reward!

The “Ultimate” Thank You Present!

To say that we appreciate you, our Backers, is an understatement. You funded this project, participated in its design, promoted it, and displayed amazing patience and good will throughout a very long and complex development process during a major console shift. In short, you’ve been awesome fans and partners and we will be forever grateful!

Development on Half-Genie Hero is starting to wind down, and we have our sights set on a new version of the game, called “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition”. After all the time we’ve put into this together, we’re sure that you’d want to have a copy of your own.

After discussing this with our publishing partners (Xseed/North America, PQube/Europe, and Oizumi Amuzio/Japan), we’ve all decided to give EVERY Backer a free Steam code for “Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Edition”. We hope this will serve as the perfect time capsule for everything you’ve helped to create. We can only offer Steam codes for this version, and are unable to offer substitutions. But as always you’ll be free to give this premium priced game code to a friend, or barter and trade as you like to get the platform you’re looking for! We’ll distribute these codes to you when the game launches in the Spring.

This is our way of saying thank you for everything!

Ultimate Edition: What’s included?

For those who are hearing about the Ultimate Edition for the first time, let us explain! It is an “all-inclusive” version of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero. It includes the main game, and every additional mode such as Pirate Queen’s Quest, Friends to the End, Hard Core Mode, and Costume Pack all accessible from a slick new central menu.

But wait… there’s more!

During summer of 2017, we asked Backers to give your thoughts on whether to remove the exclusivity from certain DLC, or to keep it “backer-only”. The majority of Backers who responded via the KS forums and support emails were generally the same, asking us to keep it exclusive for a time, and then release it to the public so that anyone (including Backers who’d shifted consoles) could purchase it again.

In the spirit of that request, we’ve decided to include the “Backer Exclusive” content in Ultimate Edition. By the time Ultimate Edition launches, the Tinkerbat DLC will have been exclusive for nearly a year, and Color Swaps about half of that time. We hope this will make Backers happy, while observing a fair exclusivity period for those who backed at $55 and above. Best of all, now every Backer can enjoy these features!

Costume Pack Status!

We know what you’re thinking… if “Ultimate Edition” contains the Costume Pack DLC, then the costumes must be getting close, right? That’s correct! Development of Costume Pack is nearly complete, and soon you’ll be playing brand new modes as Ninja Shantae, Beach Shantae, and Officer Shantae!

We will be ready to submit this new DLC content to Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Valve next month, which means you’ll be playing these modes sometime late winter/early spring! As always, this content will be free to Backers, and paid DLC for the general public. We’ll be taking a closer look at Costume Pack next update. See you then!

How To Get Ready for Physical Reward Distribution!

We are planning to ship out physical rewards (shirt, poster, coin, CD, and art book) in late winter/early spring. But before we can get started, we need some help from you. Read on…!

Verify your shipping info by Feb 28!

We’ll be taking the month of February to make sure everyone’s shipping information is up to date. Unlike digital codes, a box full of physical goods will not be easy to replace! So please do us a favor by logging into BackerKit and make certain your name and shipping information is correct. We’d hate to send your items to the incorrect address!

To check and/or change your address, log into your BackerKit account and click “Edit Shipping Info” under your address.

Then click “Next” to reach this screen:

Click on “Place My Order” to save your changes. The button in the image above is the confirmation button for changing your address. Don’t worry – you’re not actually ordering anything!

If you have trouble logging into BackerKit, or if you can not change your shipping info form some reason, please contact [email protected] Please include the e-mail you have associated with your pledge.

Thank you!

See you next update!

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