Pokèmon Duel: il titolo compie il primo anniversario, nuovi contenuti in arrivo

Qualche ora fa sono stati annunciati nuovi contenuti per Pokémon Duel, dedicati al primo anniversario del ttiolo mobile disponibile su iOS e Android.

Pokémon Duel è il titolo free-to-play (con microtransazioni in game opzionali) per il mercato mobile dei mostriciattoli tascabili, non ancora disponibile in Italia, ma solamente in Occidente (negli USA) da ormai un anno circa.


Potete trovare tutte le novità annunciate, in calce all’articolo.

January 17, 2018

Gifts Commemorate the First Anniversary of Pokémon Duel

New figures and great gifts make this anniversary update memorable.

The latest Pokémon Duel update makes now a great time to duel. Not only have some exciting new figures entered the fray, but the anniversary also comes bearing gifts! You can receive a Deoxys Normal Forme figure just by logging in before 03:59 UTC on January 31. You can also receive free Monthly Loyalty Rewards during the same period—plus you’ll have the opportunity to purchase Gems at an 80% discount off the regular price to celebrate the anniversary!

  • Introducing Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y. These Mega-Evolved Pokémon head a cast of exciting figures added to Recommended Boosters. Mega Mewtwo X and Mega Mewtwo Y are both loaded with powerful effects that can increase the power of figures in your deck. Each also has a powerful new Attack, Laser Focus, that will ensure the opposing Pokémon’s Purple Attacks miss on the next turn.
  • Nihilego invades Pokémon Duel. The first Ultra Beast figure is now available in Pokémon Duel. Nihilego has some tricky new effects that are sure to make for some challenging duels.
  • Receive an [EX] Deoxys Normal Forme just by logging in! Log in before January 31 at 03:59 UTC to receive this gift.
  • Experience Monthly Loyalty Rewards. Monthly Loyalty Rewards are normally available only to those who purchased 1,500 points worth or more of Gems and other items, but they’re available to all players until January 31 at 03:59 UTC. Take advantage of this opportunity to receive Extra Log-In Bonuses of two [UC] Ingots, two [UC] Rare Metals, and four Carmonite, and a Fulfillment Bonus of an [EX] Cube!
  • Purchase discounted Gems. To commemorate the first anniversary of the English version of Pokémon Duel, players will have the opportunity to purchase 360 Gems for $3.99 or 876 Gems for $7.99! That’s 80% off the regular price!

Don’t forget to log in to Pokémon Duel before 03:59 UTC on January 31 to receive your gifts!

Pokémon Duel is available now for iPhone and iPad on the App Store, for Android devices on Google Play, and for Kindle Fire on the Amazon Appstore. Download it to begin the epic battle today!

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