NBA 2K18: svelati i dettagli della ver. 1.07, disponibile in futuro sui Nintendo Switch europei

Poche ore fa sono stati rivelati i dettagli nella Patch 7 di NBA 2K18, scaricabile nei prossimi giorni dai Nintendo Switch europei ed americani.

L’update in questione porterà NBA 2K18 alla versione 1.07, andando ancora ad aggiungere contenuti, ma sopratutto sistemando i problemi riscontrati dall’utenza.

Il titolo cestistico è arrivato lo scorso 15 settembre 2017, scaricabile in formato digitale dall’eShop europeo Nintendo Switch, è disponibile anche in formato fisico (retail) dallo scorso 17 ottobre 2017.

Potete trovare il changelog dell’update sopraindicato, in calce all’articolo.

NBA 2K18 Patch Update #7
NBA 2K18 Patch Update #7 is live on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One, coming soon to PC and Nintendo Switch.
– Updated custom t-shirt kiosk coming!
– Portland and San Antonio’s courts have been updated to properly match their real-world counterparts.
– Lonzo Ball’s hairstyle has been updated to match his new look.
– Fixed a bug where the number of timeouts left indication on the scorebug was resetting between quarters.
– The correct amount of VC should now be displayed at the end of Ante-Up games.
– Fixed a hang that could occur when finishing a MyTEAM game with Spanish commentary enabled.
– MyPLAYER theme song will now play during the starting lineups when one is set.
– Fixed an issue where players 96 overall or higher would hang when the opposing team quits out of an active Pro-Am Team Arena game.
– When you lose a walk-on game, you will now be returned to the front of the walk-on building rather than at the starting spawn point in the Neighborhood.
– Defensive settings panel for OTFC will now function for AI players in Pro-Am games.
– Fixed an issue in MyGM/MyLEAGUE where a trade that sent Two-Way players to a team whose roster is full can result in one or more of those players disappearing from the league.

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