Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, nuovi aggiornamenti sul titolo dalla pagina Kickstarter

Poche ore fa sono emerse delle novità su Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, tra cui video e nuove fanart dell’utenza, riportate dalla pagina Kickstarter del gioco.

Il titolo di Koji Igarashi, storico producer della serie Castlevania, impegnato da tempo sulla realizzazione del suo nuovo gioco, in arrivo anche su Nintendo Switch nel 2018.

Potete trovare le novità sul titolo pubblicate su Kickstarter, in calce all’articolo.

Development Update – A New Environment? When Pigs Fly!

Happy holidays! We’ve got a lot to show you before 2017 draws to a close, including a brand new environment. Here’s IGA to tell you all about it

Merry Christmas! IGA here. This month we’ve been busy adding interactive assets to make the environment more lively, so you can see things moving and spinning as you navigate the stages.

In today’s update, we’re sharing a new stage! It’s inspired by a traditional Japanese motif. Please enjoy the scenery and the colorful autumn leaves in this video preview. (This is also the first time we are sharing this stage’s soundtrack.)

ArtPlay also passed along a sneak peek at an enemy you haven’t seen yet.

Introducing… Plume Parma:

If you aren’t following along on social media, you’re missing out on even more reveals. This month the Bloodstained Twitter account showed off two cool new weapons and one seasonally appropriate costume change. Take a look:


After you’ve followed us on Twitter or Facebook, get involved in the conversation by checking out the official fan forums and Discord.

The fanart spotlight returns with three more images from the Bloodstained fan-archives. We’d love to see some new fanart for 2018! If it helps, here’s a prompt: Show us your best winter-themed Bloodstained fanart. Tag it #bloodstained and #igavania and we’ll show off our favorites in a future update.








For this month’s Last Word we invited Roberto Piraino from 505 back to tell us a little more about what’s coming for Bloodstained in January.

Hey everybody! I hope everyone has enjoyed the little reveals that we’ve shown this month, (recapped above) December has been a surprisingly busy month for us all, both at ArtPlay and here at 505 Games. ArtPlay has been hammering away in the dwarven furnaces to craft the game, and here at 505 we’ve been planning and plotting so Bloodstained takes over the world—er, is a great success. Between how hard we’ve been working and how the holidays have crept up on us, I’ve run out of time to make all the reveals and announcements I teased during the last update…

But fret not! This just means that the fun will spill over into January. Those reveals and announcements are still coming your way! 🙂 In the meantime, I’m sure I speak for everyone here at 505 Games when I wish everyone a wonderful, safe, warm holiday period, surrounded by loved ones, good food and lots of friends. 

Oh, and don’t forget to come talk with us on the official Discord, Twitter, Facebook, or Forums! Bring a warm coat and gloves if you come to the forums though… XombieMike seems to have cast Hydro Storm when the temps were low…

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