Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting, nuovi dettagli e trailer sul titolo

Poche ore fa sono emersi nuovi dettagli, screenshots ed un nuovo trailer dedicato ad Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting, in arrivo su Nintendo Switch.

I dettagli sul nuovo capitolo di Atelier, tra cui screenshots ed informazioni sui personaggi e l’universo si gioco, sono stati riportati dal sito di Gematsu.

Il titolo JRPG della serie Atelier, targato Gust e Koei Tecmo, arriverà il prossimo 30 marzo 2018 su Nintendo Switch europei, mentre gli utenti americani potranno ottenere il gioco tre giorni prima, ovvero il 27 marzo 2018.

Atelier Lydie & Suelle: Alchemists of the Mysterious Painting arriverà dal prossimo 21 dicembre sui Nintendo Switch giapponesi. 

Potete osservare il trailer pubblicato da Koei Tecmo, in calce all’articolo.



  • Voiced by: Yui Kondou
  • Illustrated by: NOCO
  • Age: 23
  • Height: 149cm
  • Occupation: Merchant

A woman who runs a shop called “Corneria Company” in the neighboring country Kirchen Bell. She came to Melveille to stock up on goods, as well as to check out the market. With the Atelier Rank test starting and the alchemists bustling, she sees now as a business opportunity, as well as a chance to sell her name.

—Corneria can completely replicate an item in exchange for a certain price. Currently, she seems to be saving up the amount she replicates in the form of a special service for her regular customers.

Pamela Ibis

  • Voiced by: Asuka Tanii
  • Illustrated by: NOCO
  • Age: ??
  • Height: 158cm
  • Occupation: Nun

A woman who works as a nun in Kirchen Bell. She works hard at her sisterly duties together with Grace at the Venue Church. She should be returning to Kirchen Bell, but for some reason got in a carriage to Melveille and is now saving up traveling expenses to return home. She has a cool and collected personality, is skilled as a nun, and is quite popular in the church.

—A woman who is difficult to figure out, Pamela adores not only Lydie and Suelle, who often visit the church, but also the traveling alchemist Firis. She sells various things at the Venue Church.


  • Voiced by: Fumihiko Tachiki
  • Illustrated by: NOCO
  • Age: 43
  • Height: 190cm
  • Occupation: Blacksmith

A man with a large build who runs a blacksmith in Melveille. As his name suggests (in Japanese, “hageru” means to lose hair), the top of his head shines. His family has worked as blacksmiths for generations, and he pours an extraordinary amount of passion into protecting his work. Her has a cheerful and kind-hearted personality, and his specialty products are big enough to make the tourist guidebook.

—As a blacksmith, Hagel’s abilities are of high rank, and even in the Adalet Kingdom he is within the top class. However, as a worker, he doesn’t forget his desire to have fun, and gets various people to test out the prototype products he creates. He loves to sing, but his true strength is…?

■ Lydie and Suelle’s Comrades

Lydie and Suelle are twin alchemists. In trying to become the number one atelier in the country, the two will encounter various characters. The twins’ relationships with the main characters are depicted in the image below.

■ Become the Number One Atelier in the Country

The Twins’ Important Promise

In the evening, the twins discuss the day’s events at the atelier. Their dream of “becoming the number one atelier” is an important promise they made with their family.

■ Increase Your Atelier’s Reputation with the “Ambitions Notebook”

By consulting the “Ambitions Notebook,” which Suelle made by hand, you can increase the reputation of Lydie and Suelle’s atelier in the capital. Taking on requests, synthesizing, and raising your abilities, as well as going to various locations to collect materials are just some of the ambitions to make your atelier more widely known.

Increase Your Atelier’s Reputation

In your Ambitions Notebook are small landmarks that indicate to what extent you have completed your ambitions. If you complete all of your ambitions, new ambitions may appear based on the amount…

Collecting in the Worlds of Paintings

There are tons of rare items in the worlds of paintings. In order to synthesize even better items, proactively collect items in the worlds of paintings.

Travel Around the Real World

Not only can you go around the worlds of paintings, you can also travel around the real world in locations such as the capital, forests, and so on, where you can take on ambitions such as defeating monsters. Great effort is required in order to increase your Atelier Rank.

Take on Requests

You can also take on requests for the people of the capital. Take on a request at the bulletin board outside of the royal castle, and after you complete, report to the receptionist to the left of the bulletin board to end the request. You can also receive a reward.

Complete Ambitions to Steadily Increase Your Atelier’s Reputation

By completing ambitions, you will increase the reputation of the twins’ atelier in the capital. Steadily complete ambitions as you head towarsd the “Rank Up Exam.”

■ The Road to Increasing Your Atelier’s Rank

By completing the ambitions in the Ambitions Notebook and increasing your atelier’s reputation, you can talk to the receptionist Mireille outside the royal castle, she will propose, “Why not take the atelier ‘Rank Up Exam’ soon?” Clear the test issued by Mireille and try to rank up your atelier.

Listening to the Contents of the Exam

The contents of the exam consist of various things for each rank, including gathering materials that the kingdom does not have enough of, defeating the monsters inconveniencing the people, etc.

—Mireille’s own signature appears on the rank certificate.

—They thought they would just be collecting eggs, but defeating monsters is also an important job for alchemists.

Try to Complete the Task

There may be cases where you have to deliver several items in completing a task. You can also divide up the item deliveries into several deliveries—to what extent will that influence your evaluation?

Achieve an Atelier Rank Increase!

By clearing the tasks of the examination, you can increase your Atelier Rank. By continually repeating this pattern, you may one day become the best atelier in the country!

■ “Other Worlds” Spread Out in Mysterious Paintings

After you finish a Rank Up Exam, Lydie and Suelle and company will be asked to investigate mysterious paintings by going into their worlds. The world of a painting is a truly different world from the real world where you can obtain rare materials. There are inhabitants in the worlds of paintings, and you can have mysterious encounters unimaginable in the real world. Their various mysteries will bring the twins’ dream one step closer to reality, one step at a time.

There Isn’t Just One Mysterious Painting

Mysterious paintings decorate the gallery of the royal castle. There are a great number of mysterious paintings, and each time you increase your Atelier Rank, new mysterious paintings will be introduced. After you enter the world of a painting once, you can enter it again as many times as you want. There may even be different discoveries to make after the story progresses…

Mysterious Paintings that Need to be Fixed

Mysterious paintings that are old and have lost their power can be repaired with a special item made through synthesis.

Each Painting World is Full of Mysteries

A world where mysterious spheres are floating in the sky. In these mysterious worlds, Lydie and Suelle and company will happen across unexpected and mysterious events.

■ An Intuitive Synthesis System Where Ingredients are Inserted into Panels

The synthesis system of Atelier Lydie & Suelle sees players choose an item to synthesize, then insert their chosen ingredients into panels. By using a catalyst and activation item during synthesis, it is possible to create an even better item.

Catalyst Bonuses and Activation Items

The catalyst and activation item have a dramatic effect on synthesis, such as the catalyst generating a catalyst bonus mark on the panels in addition to changing the number of panels, or the activation item changing the colors of the panels where ingredients have already been placed. The catalyst can be thrown into the mix at the start of synthesis, and the activation item can be inserted at any time during synthesis.

—Let’s Use a Catalyst Bonus

The catalyst bonus that generates by inserting a catalyst triggers an effect by simply placing an ingredient in that square. Panel number changes and catalyst bonus mark generation differ depending on the type of catalyst used.

—Aim for a Better Effect

Even when not using an activation item, several effects can be attached to the item. If you change the color with reference to the effect level indicated on the right side of the screen, you may be able to make even better items.

—Insert Activation Items at the Right Moment

When ingredients have been placed and you throw in an activation item with the “Total Repaint: Blue” effect on yellow-colored squares, those yellow squares will all become blue, and a new strengthening effect will appear. By using catalysts and activation items skillfully, you can make even better items.

■ Strategic and Diverse Battles

The “Combination Battle” system of Atelier Lydie & Suelle sees a maximum of three two-person teams, consisting of one character in the front and one character in the rear, participate in battle. While skillfully activating Follow Skills, which are follow-up attacks from the character in the rear, and Support Guards, which are meant to protect the twins, unleash super special moves called “Combination Arts” to defeat the enemy standing in your way.

Follow Skills

After the character in the front attacks, you can use a Follow Skill from the character in the rear by meeting certain conditions to back up the character in the front. Since the actions of the character in the rear are determined based on the actions of the character in the front, it is important to form a team that makes the best use of character trends, such as whether they are suited for the front or the rear.

—Sophie attacks from the front, and Alt follows from the rear!

After Sophie’s skill attack, Alt decides to use a Follow Skill. Follow Skill activation conditions vary per skill, and Follow Skills themselves consist of various types, including attack-based, recovery-based, and support-based skills.

Support Guards that Protect Lydie and Suelle

When Lydie and Suelle are about to be attacked, party members other than the twins in the front can protect the them with a Support Guard. You can determine whether or not to activate a Support Guard on your own.

Combination Arts

Combination Arts are super special moves that can be activated by putting together specific teams and when the Combination Gauge accumulates. The Combination Gauge accumulates as party members in the front deal damage to enemies, and as allies in the rear use Follow Skills. Be sure to try out various combinations.

—Firis and Suelle’s Combination Art: “Firis’ Surprise”

Battle Mix

When Lydie and Suelle are in the rear, you can activate a “Battle Mix” to synthesize an item for use in battle. Items synthesized through Battle Mix and “Extra Mix,” which use items synthesized beforehand at the atelier, come with exclusive effects that can only be obtained through these two types of syntheses.

—The Important Archeus Anima

Battle Mix requires an item called Archeus Anima. You can find Archeus Anima on the fields in the worlds of paintings, and can also obtain them through battle.

—Synthesize Various Items through Battle Mix

Items that can be synthesized are selected from your Battle Recipes, which can be acquired as rewards for completing requests. There are also exclusive items that only a certain twin can synthesize through Battle Mix and Extra Mix.

—A Sudden Comeback with Extra Mix

Extra Mix uses items synthesized beforehand at the atelier. Ex Effects can only be gained through this method and can be strengthened by adding a specific number or more of Archeus Anima.

■ The Mysterious World and its Opposite Ordinary World

Lydie and Suelle and company live in the capital Melveille. Here, where time passes peacefully, the twins and their friends will walk a straight line towards their dreams.

Friends in the Capital

As you pass the days in Melveille, events with characters will trigger at specific times. It is important to spend time with characters at various times, not only to be able to see the different sides of your friends, but also to unlock the cooperative techniques known as Combination Arts.

—Lucia and Lydie laugh together outside of Atelier Voltaire. Although a friend from their childhood, Lucia is like somewhat of an older sister to the twins.

—Surrounded by their mentors Sophie and Firis, Lydie and Suelle give their all to synthesis. The twins’ skills still have some way to go, but in order to one day astonish their mentors and grow to become the number one atelier in the country, they will continue to look forward and try their best.

—-It seems that Corneria, who appeared in Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book, will appear in Atelier Lydie & Suelle. While she didn’t necessarily grow bigger than houses as the years passed, she seems to have gotten huge for some reason. Will she be able to return back to her original size?

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