Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, svelato l’ultimo personaggio ricreato per il titolo

Qualche ora fa è stato svelato l’ultimo personaggio ricreato dal blog ufficiale di Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom, in arrivo nel 2018 sull’eShop di Switch.

L’immagine pubblicata da FDG Entertainment ci mostra il nuovo sprite di una delle trasformazioni del protagonista, ovvero il Maiale, cambiato e migliorato nella loro animazione grafica, in attesa del lancio del gioco sull’eShop di Nintendo.

Il titolo platform/adventure di FDG Entertainment, arriverà nel corso del 2018 sull’eShop europeo e americano su Nintendo Switch.

Potete osservare il post sul blog ufficiale del titolo, in calce all’articolo.

All new transformation designs revealed

the new hand-drawn character portrait is finally complete! With the addition of the one-eyed pig, Jin just got back all his transformation powers and the black silhouettes are history ;-) To give you a taste of how the character moves and behaves with the new hand-drawn style, we’d like to present you a little animated gif:

The one-eyed pig is Jins first transformation, feeling like a curse at first but you’ll soon discover its qualities :-)

As you can see, even in the rough (draft) animation, there’s a lot more detail so you can enjoy Jins monster-personalities even more than before with the old sprites. They’ll be a joy to watch in action as we took care to give every transformation a unique set of motion. We’re trying to support the impression that it’s still the same person in a different shell but having a lot of fun to use the various abilities, transporting the feel of a character experiencing super powers for the first time and enjoying them a lot.

All reworked, hand-drawn Jin transformations. Did you notice that we added one more detail to the lion? :-)

We hope you’re looking forward to the final game – for us it means back to work, no time to lose! :-)

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