Violett: il titolo è stato approvato, presto la data di uscita sui Nintendo Switch europei

Poche ore fa, Forever Entertainment ha annunciato l’arrivo di possibili novità sulla data di uscita di Violett, previsto per l’uscita sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

Infatti Violett pare aver superato i test di certificazione di Nintendo of Europe, e potrebbe essere pubblicato nel corso delle prossime settimana sui Nintendo Switch europei.

Potete trovare l’annuncio e le informazioni sul titolo, in calce all’articolo.

Set in a world full of won­ders, quirks and things from beyond our real­ity, Vio­lett is a remark­able adven­ture game that will push your brain to the lim­its and engross you completely.

Dragged by her par­ents, a young and rebel­lious teenage girl – Vio­lett, moves to an old spooky house in the mid­dle of nowhere. Forced away from her friends and life in the city; she imag­ines how bor­ing life in coun­try­side will be: spend­ing day after day, bored in her room with absolutely noth­ing to do. But what she can­not imag­ine, is that in just few moments, she’ll have the adven­ture of her life.

A spark of light from the nearby mouse hole catches her atten­tion, she reaches inside and in a blink of an eye she’s in a com­pletely dif­fer­ent place. So famil­iar, yet so dis­tant. So mag­nif­i­cent, and yet dan­ger­ous. A place where frogs singing operas are daily occur­rence, gar­den gnomes are emis­saries from another dimen­sion and power of telekine­sis is not freak­ing any­one out. Now only your wit and luck can help her unite with her parents.

Rack your brain on intri­cate puz­zles that will allow you to move for­ward. Use the power of telekine­sis to get you out of your trou­bles. Fight the evil spi­der queen that wants to make you her new tro­phy. Roam the beau­ti­ful and psy­che­delic world, inspired by Alice in Won­der­land, Sand­man, Dali and other great works. Immerse your­self in the sooth­ing sound track

– Fan­tas­tic 2,5D point-and-click adven­ture game
– Unique world inside the ‘rabbit-hole’
– Mul­ti­tude of puz­zles and rid­dles
– A spooky atmos­phere of mys­tery and uneasi­ness
– Evil Spi­der Queen who’s try­ing to pre­vent you from ever com­ing back
– Para­nor­mal forces to manip­u­late objects
– Beau­ti­ful hand-painted graph­ics full of quirk­i­ness and style
– Full par­al­lel real­ity inspired by Alice in the Won­der­land and other great works
– Avail­able on Win­dows, OS X, Linux. Soon avail­able on Android and iOS.

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