Shots Fired: il titolo in sviluppo ed in arrivo all’inizio del 2018 su Nintendo Switch

Poche ore fa è stato annunciato un altro titolo indipendente, Shots Fired, un indie game attualmente in sviluppo ed in arrivo il prossimo anno su Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo simulativo nel quale un’assassino in pensione tornerà al suo lavoro, dopo l’omicidio di sua moglie, il sequestro della figlia e il furto della loro amata TV.

Shots Fired arriverà all’inizio del 2018, sia su PC (STEAM), ma anche sull’eShop europeo e americano di Nintendo Switch.

Potete osservare il trailer dell’annuncio, in calce all’articolo.


Follow the intricate but humorous tale of a retired assassin returning to their killing career after the murder of their wife, kidnapping of their daughter, and theft of their beloved TV. Use your cell phone to engage in everything from assassination to high speed getaways using apps modelled real world favorites. Maintain your cover as a FuzzBeed photojournalist and take pictures for the “dankest” memes while investigating the seditious conspiracy behind recent events.

Explore Flat Earth, a world where everywhere is drivable and selfies are banned. Travel to exciting locations rendered in loving pixel art throughout Shots Fired’s enthralling story of betrayal, murder, and memes.

Shots Fired features challenging “hide and seek” gameplay as you use clues to uncover and then execute your targets. Enjoy a host of min-games including car chases, scavenger hunts, hacking, and more. Be amused by carefully crafted comedy and satire as Shots Fired lampoons pop culture and modern society through the eyes of a jaded “old-school” assassin.

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