Slime-san: il DLC “Blackbird’s Kraken” verrà inserito in maniera gratuita in futuro su Nintendo Switch

Nelle scorse ore, Fabraz in risposta ad un utente su Twitter, ha confermato l’arrivo del DLC “Blackbird’s Kraken” di Slime-san, inserito prossimamente anche su Nintendo Switch.

La campagna aggiuntiva di Slime-san, pubblicata ormai da tempo su PC (STEAM), sarà disponibile anche sull’eShop della nuova console di Nintendo in maniera totalmente gratuita con una patch, così come affermato dallo stesso sviluppatore.

Potete trovare il tweet che ve lo mostra, in calce all’articolo.


The notorious Blackbird’s kracked, I mean, cracked! He believes Slime-san stole his treasure and unleashed his giant Kraken upon him! Sound familiar? It is now up to Slime-san to escape the giant squid’s jaws back out to freedom!


A totally independent campaign from Slime-san! Are you ready for an aquatic adventure?

25 normal and 25 NG+ levels within a giant kraken!

10 target mode challenges that will test your skills!

200 Bananas to collect and spend in gameplay, clothing and furniture shops!

A customizable house that you can style and furnish to your heart’s content!

Unlock different play styles and outfits!

Exciting new mechanics like the submarine mode, acid bubbles and suction cups!

A speedrunning mode to compete with in leaderboards!

An entire tropical Island you can explore and discover with tons of characters!

A bizarre FPS mini-game: Gloomy! Can you beat the alien invasion?!

Loads of cutscenes and story elements to experience and enjoy!

Secret characters and set-pieces to discover across your journey!

Extensive settings to tinker with to customize your gaming experience!

Music by Adhesive Wombat, FantomenK, Richard Gould & Mischa Perella!

More secrets!

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