Cursed Castilla: il titolo in arrivo il 13 luglio sui Nintendo 3DS europei

Poche ore fa è stata annunciata la data di uscita ufficiale di Cursed Castilla, titolo in arrivo la prossima settimana sul Nintendo eShop europeo del 3DS.

Cursed Castilla (conosciuto anche come Maldita Castilla EX) è un titolo indie action/platform originariamente pubblicato su STEAM lo scorso anno da Abylight Studios.

Il titolo ricorda molto il classico Ghosts ‘n Goblins per NES, ed arriverà il prossimo 13 luglio 2017 sui Nintendo 3DS europei e americani, al prezzo di €11,99.

Potete trovare il comunicato sul sito ufficiale di Abylight, in calce all’articolo.

Cursed Castilla for Nintendo 3DS™ announces its release date

Prepare your sword, brave knight, for it is time to fight the dark forces that have this land crushed under its evil grip! Abylight Studios and Locomalito are excited to announce that Cursed Castilla, the acclaimed indie platformer, will be released for Nintendo 3DS family of systems in North America and Europe on 13th July for 11,99€. Also, the game will be released in Japan by our co-publishers, FlyHigh Works, on 12th July with the same price.  With the portable version of this action-platformer, you will be able to enjoy the true experience of the greatest arcade games of all time: straightforward, fast-paced and challenging gameplay – wherever you want, whenever you want! Cursed Castilla for Nintendo 3DS also includes some exclusive features, such as a new coin-op mode or an astounding stereoscopic 3D effect.

[Juego] Cursed Castilla (Maldi

Check the trailer of Cursed Castilla for Nintendo 3DS!

Inspired by the best tradition of classics such as Ghouls’n’Ghosts, Shinobi or Tiger Road, Cursed Castilla pays homage to them and updates their legacy with its hectic and addictive gameplay, challenging difficulty and intuitive controls. Its unique setting makes it stands from the crowd too: Cursed Castilla takes place in the Kingdom of Castilla, one of the medieval kingdoms that eventually would become Spain. Thus, you won’t face the typical fantasy monsters but creatures from European folklore and legends, as well as from chivalric old romances. Be ready, o valiant warrior, to face creatures such as mouras, ojáncanos or nuberus!

[Juego] Cursed Castilla (Maldi


  • Restless action through 8 game stages
  • Fight against +48 types of enemies and 19 final bosses
  • Find the secrets that will lead you up to 4 different endings
  • Know all the myths featured in the game with the illustrated bestiary
  • Brag about your combat skills with 17 unlockable achievements
  • Exclusive coin-op mode for Nintendo 3DS ™ handhelds
  • Stereoscopic 3D effect
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