De Mambo è in arrivo il prossimo 29 giugno sui Nintendo Switch europei

Qualche ora fa è stata la data di uscita mondiale di De Mambo, titolo che approderà il prossimo 29 giugno sull’eShop di Nintendo Switch.

Il titolo indipendente targato The Dangerous Kitchen, ospiterà la nuova modalità Survival Mode su Nintendo Switch, oltre ai contenuti già presenti nelle altre versioni del gioco.

Potete trovare il tweet che vi mostra l’annuncio ufficiale, in calce all’articolo.


De Mambo is The Dangerous Kitchen’s first game that lets players take control of up to four characters locked in infinite mambo!Help them escape this horrible—and somewhat provocative—despair! Knock your opponent off the screen… and use your measly one button to attack with three levels of charge! Break the level however you decide (thanks to some flimsy architecture) to make your game marginally different each time you play.


  • One Button Action – easy to learn, hard to master gameplay designed to use one action button and a D-Pad/keys
  • Mambo Multiplayer Mode – roughhouse up to three of your friends/enemies in Mambo
  • Loser Rail – the feature designed to give you a second chance, for those of you not good enough to win
  • Flimsy Architecture – breakable environment for reactive gameplay
  • Solo Mode – a lone Wolf mode where you climb a tower full of gameplay challenges, in hopes of receiving a victory that is in some way flawless.
  • Survival Mode – don’t let the invaders from space breach your personal space in this hardcore mode
  • Miniature American flags for some